Have you ever looked at a random product or ingredient and wondered "Can I distill this"?

Its a pretty natural progression in the hobby of distilling to start wondering if you can ferment random things you find around the house, supermarket or the fruit and veg store. Below you can download a PDF decision tree or flow chart that will help you work out if just about anything can be distilled.

This video will eplain everything you need to know to use the downloadable PDF. Including information on when you need to Gelatanise or mash products. What diastatic power is. Starch vs sugars and how to deal with differing fermentabilities.

Watch the video, grab the file (at the bottom of this page) and you will be able to turn most fermentable ingredients into simple sugars ready for fermentation and then distillation!

You may be surprised how long it takes to make something like this. Its free and we hope you enjoy it. But if you found it helpful consider donating

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Downloadable Flow Chart

If you are having a little trouble deciding what you need to do to a ingredient before fermenting it this decision tree should help.

Its a full size A3 printable flow chart with a second page of hints and tips.

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