Air Still Pro : Head Only

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Air Still Pro : Head Only

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The Air Still Pro Head can replace the head on your original  Air Still.  Meaning you don't need to buy the pot/boiler all over again! 

The brand-new Air Still Pro combines the functionality of both a pot still and a reflux still into a very compact unit. Basically the size of a kitchen appliance.  

As a pot still this unit performs very similarly to the original Air Still.  But the addition of reflux mode means you can make products like vodka and gin much easier.

Jesse has had a chance to use this still a few times now.  He will make a full review video once he has used it enough to really understand it.  For now we can confirm that the Air Still Pro produced 89.5% abv from foreshots to tails when charged with 4L of low wines at around 25% abv.    



  • Capacity: 4L (1 US Gal)
  • Yield: 2.25 L (2.4 US qt) of 40% ABV alcohol per 8L (2.1 US Gal) wash 
  • Pot Still mode: Distills at 80% ABV (160 US proof) before diluting to 40% ABV (80 US proof)
  • Reflux Still mode: Distills at *90% ABV (180 US proof) before diluting to 40% ABV (80 US proof)
  • Dimensions: 42cm (h) x 23cm (w) x 36cm (d)
  • Weight: 5.6 kgs 
  • Power: 220v (110 US Only)
  • Warranty: 3 years

 Included in the box:

  • Air Still Pro Head Unit with a pre-packed reflux column
  • Air Still Pro Boiler and power cable
  • Botanical basket
  • 2x glass foreshots collection vials
  • Easy-swap distillation tips for reflux and pot still modes
  • Distillation tip spanner
  • Starter guide