Manuka Smoked Malt
Manuka Smoked Malt


Manuka Smoked Malt

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Manuka is the quintessential smoking wood here in New Zealand.  The manuka flavor definitely makes it through distillation into the final spirit.  

Keep in mind this is a wood-smoked product (as opposed to peat) so the smoke flavor is going to be different.  It's tricky to explain, but it acts in a similar way as smoking meat or fish with manuka.  A more robust-bodied smoke that has more sweetness than peat. 

You could push this all the way up to 100% manuka malt.  But it will be very heavily smoked.  This could be used to blend with non smoked spirits to dial in your smoke preference.  

If you are aiming for a similar PPM to a smokey scotch we would suggest around 60-70% manuka smoked malt.  

For a mildly smoked spirit perhaps 25-35%.