Distillers Malt
Distillers Malt


Distillers Malt

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Distillers malt is utilized for its high diastatic power.  This means you can use less malt to convert a given amount of other grains.  If you don't want to use bottled enzymes and do want to use a percentage of something like corn this is the malt for you. 

Distillers' malt has a fairly clean almost cereal-like flavor to it when distilled.  If you are looking for a little more flavor and/or complexity look at our other base malts.  Or have a think about adding a little specialty malt. 

If distillers malt is the right tool for your job awesome!  

We think it's a little sad that so many whiskies are automatically made with distillers' malt and distillers' malt only.  There is nothing wrong with distillers' malt, but it's definitely trying some other malts to see what your actual preference is.  

Suggested Percentage Of Grain Bill / Grist
Planning on using this for its diastatic power/enzymes? As long as you use at least 20% distillers malt conversion should be fine. 

For Example:
1 kg distillers malt 
4 kg corn 

Typical Analysis 
Extract course dry: 80
Saccharification Time: 10min 
Diastatic Power: 240-265