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Air Still

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The beauty of the Air Still is in its simplicity of use.  It's air-cooled so there is no need for running water.  

It's more like a kitchen appliance than a piece of distilling equipment.  Just fill it up and plug it in, before you know it you will be drinking gin cocktails.  No need to hook up hoses or be near the sink! 

Another advantage to the air still is its compact size.  Its about the same size as a coffee maker, so its no trouble to store it away in the cupboard while not in use.

Due to its plug-and-play nature, the Air Still is often chosen as a first still for beginners.  Its a great way to get your feet wet without "fully committing".   The good news is this is the kind of equipment that will almost always be useful in a home distillery.  Its perfect for small test batches of gin and botanical-based beverages.  


Here is Jesse's Straight Up, No BS, NOT sponsored review of the Air Still:

Jesse often uses the Air Still to experiment with small (1-4 bottles) batches of gin: 


Its also great for small batches of Absinth: 


And of course its great at messing around with weird ingredients like this "Meme Spirits playlist":