Alembic Dome With T500 Boiler

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Alembic Dome With T500 Boiler

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The T500 boiler and copper alembic dome is a solid combo for the home distiller.  In this configuration, it becomes a pot still suitable for making whiskey or rum.  Its also a great option for the final botanical run for a gin.  

Even if you end up upgrading to a larger (50 - 100L) still you will likely find a simple pot still of this size useful.  It would give you sizing options which are always helpful.  

Adding a BIAD bag the T500 boiler can also be used as a makeshift mash tun.  This lets you make all-grain whiskey without additional mashing equipment.  In fact, Jesse has a whole series of recipes called "Safety Net" doing just that.  Check them out here:


The T500 boiler also fits the T500 reflux head that is sold separately. 


Pro Tip
Jesse suggests adding a power controller to this combination as the first upgrade.  We currently do not have anything suitable for sale. We are working on it! Checking the forums for build options is a good place to start looking for a DIY solution.